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Looking for a reliable law firm in Sherwood Park, AB? Look no further than Court Stults Johnson LLP.

We are a trusted legal partner dedicated to providing exceptional services tailored to your specific needs. With our team of experienced attorneys, we offer comprehensive legal solutions for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you require assistance with family law, real estate matters, or corporate issues, our professionals are here to guide you through every step of the process. Trust Court Stults Johnson LLP for reliable and efficient legal services that you can count on.

About us

Court Stults Johnson LLP, formerly named Court & Stults (2015-2021) and Court & Company (2007-2015) was formed in 2021. Our firm was founded by Peter L. Court, K.C. and is one of Sherwood Park's original law firms. 

Mr. Court retired at the begining of 2020 and his partner of 5 years, David M. Stults, took over the practice. Jeffrey M. Johnson joined the firm in 2020 and our firm name changed to Court Stults Johnson LLP in 2021. 

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