Corporate Services

Are you thinking of starting a business?
…re-organizing or moving from a sole proprietorship to a partnership?
Maybe you’re thinking of incorporating?
Setting up your business properly from the start will save you money in the long-run.

Our firm acts for hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses. We have provided legal advice over the years to Sherwood Park’s business owners, their families, and their employees.

Running a successful business is tough on your own. Success requires a team of professional advisors who have your best interests at heart. We work closely with a network of accounting, banking, insurance and business advisors to provide the most current business advice to our clients. Our staff is certified to keep you up to date at corporate registry so that we can provide you and your team with immediate corporate registry services.

Before you incorporate, and certainly before you are inclined to incorporate yourself, give us a call to discuss appropriate corporate structures, directorships, shareholdings and other crucial corporate matters. A quick consultation will save you money.

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Real Estate

Are you buying or selling your home?…or investing in real estate? Do you wish you knew someone with experience, who could make the real estate transaction process easier?

We understand that, for most people, their home is their biggest asset. We also understand the stress people go through when they buy and sell real estate. We’re here to help ensure that your real estate sale closes on time and with as little stress and inconvenience to you as possible. 

At Court Stults Johnson LLP the lawyers and staff close real estate transactions of all sizes on a daily basis.

Transactions are handled quickly and seamlessly because we have developed proven systems in over 30 years of professional practice. Our real estate assistants are the most experienced real estate assistants to be found in Sherwood Park.

We have handled residential and commercial purchases and sales, rental properties, refinances, secured lines of credit, construction draws throughout the province. We also represent new home builders. Over the years, Court Stults Johnson LLP has acted for every chartered bank in Canada and almost every trust company and credit union that services Sherwood Park and the surrounding area. We are familiar with lenders, their loan officers, and the mortgage brokers that operate in and around Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and Fort Saskatchewan

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Estate Planning

Every well-thought-out financial plan includes a Will, Personal Directive and Power of Attorney prepared by a lawyer. Court Stults Johnson LLP has been providing advice on wills, estates, and trusts for close to 30 years and during that time we have prepared many thousands of wills. More importantly, with every one of those wills we have advised our clients on the best way to structure the Estate. It is important to remember that a will is much more than just a piece of paper. Preparing a will is about sitting down with a lawyer and planning exactly what will happen to your assets when you pass on.

We can advise you on your estate plan to ensure your loved ones get their inheritance as quickly and easily as possible and that your executor’s job is made as simple as possible. A short consultation can save a significant amount of money and difficulty. We often save clients and their families significant amounts money and hours of time by reviewing asset holdings and making simple suggestions for a better estate plan.

We have conducted many hours of seminars on Wills and Estate Planning. Court Stults Johnson LLP also helps estate executors with all manner of issues that may arise in the course of distributing inheritance to beneficiaries. This includes preparing probate applications and walking the executor through each step of the estate administration process.

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Family Law Services

At Court Stults Johnson LLP, what matters to us is what matters to you – getting to the roots of the problem you need to solve. We want to understand you and your family and help you come to a solution that puts you in a better place than when you came to us. For families that are just forming, we can help work through the issues necessary to create a cohabitation or prenuptial agreement that creates peace between partners and assurance of well-being in a worst case scenario. 

Services for families:

– Prenuptial and Cohabitation Agreements

– Wills and Estate Planning

– Residential Real Estate

– Family Separations and Divorce


Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law starts with the beliefs that families will be happier and healthier when they make decisions for themselves than when a judge makes decisions for them; and that our clients are capable of making good decisions with the help of specially trained lawyers, mental health professionals, and financial specialists. The process begins with the commitment to stay out of a court room and work through the tough issues and decisions until a resolution is found.

It is a team approach between lawyers, accountants and other financial experts, and mental health professionals, to give families all the help they need to make good decisions and be well positioned to move on with life in healthy ways.

We prioritize your emotional and mental health, and help you make decisions which are tailored to meet your needs, hopes, concerns, priorities and values.

Collaborative Law protects children and their emotional, physical and spiritual health, refusing to allow them to be tools in the combat of litigation.

Jeff Johnson has taken extensive training in Collaborative Family Law and believes wholeheartedly that this is a superior method to solving the vast majority of issues and problems that families face. 

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In a mediation, one specially trained impartial third party helps two (or more) people explore their interests. Their interests are the underlying motivators that that drive their wants, claims, demands, and refusals. Understanding and addressing interests allows negotiating parties to get to the heart of their demands, and realize there may be more than one way to achieve their goals. In this way they can make mutually acceptable decisions about their property, business, family issues, children and financial future. 

A mediator informs parties what the issues may be, and facilitates a conversation between them in which both respectfully listen and hear each other, and effectively communicate those things that matter most to them. 

Mediators do not represent one part or the other. The decision to hire a mediator has to be made between the parties, and both parties come together to retain a mediator.

Mediation may be suitable for:

– Families including negotiating separation agreements, cohabitation or prenuptial agreements, or bumps along the road after an agreement is already in place

– Business disputes, especially when family members are involved or a relationship needs to be preserved

– Employment disputes



Unfortunately, not every interaction you have with other people or businesses works out as planned. That often leaves questions about what your next step should be.

Court Stults Johnson LLP handles a wide variety of corporate and personal litigation and we would be happy to meet with you about your specific situation so you can get things back on track and get moving in the right direction.

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